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Amazon Associates is an easy-peasy means of monetizing your website, blog or social media. Signing up is easy & approval is instantaneous. So whether, you’re a budding capitalist or you’re just to make your time on social media count monetarily, you will find this article helpful by way of setting you up to make thousands of dollars every month.


What exactly is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates or Amazon Affiliate program is an affiliate-marketing initiative that essentially involves promoting the merchandise of Amazon. Amazon remunerates you with a commission whenever a transaction is completed via your link. Amazon Associates is one of the biggest affiliate marketing initiatives in the world given their status as the biggest e-tailer in the world.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate marketer: A step by step guide

Set up a web-site or blogging account

To start earning commissions on Amazon Associate, you must own a site, blogging platform, or personal-video broadcasting platform (e.g. YouTube). Next, you must choose a revenue-generating niche-segment to populate the website with. This niche must have low competitiveness too. If you want to find the best selling products IO Scout is the cost-effective Amazon product research tool in the market.
Viable niches you can select from include computer accessories, auto accessories, sports devices, & home décor. In your application process, you need to explain the objectives of your website. It is also important for you to know the target population & how you will drive traffic.

Go-to the Amazon Affiliates Home-page

Head on to the Amazon Associates Home-page & hit “Register now, free.” You will get a prompt leading you to login to your regular Amazon profile or to create one.

Set up your Amazon Affiliate profile

  1. After gaining entry to your account, press “New Customer” & and commence with the setting up of your Associate profile.
  2. Fill in profile info – this includes your name, phone number, & address
  3. Fill in your site’s address – this could be multiple sites such as blog sites or urls, YouTube channels
  4. Fill in your favored store ID – this describe your main web-site name. You also need to detail what your platforms aim to fulfill or provide. Choose the Amazon subjects/topics your link is targeting.

Detail how you intend to generate traffic to your platform

Talk about how you capture visitors to your sites & how they generate revenue. explain your link-building methods, & the number of visitors you intend to generate per-month.

Verify by adding your cellphone number

Fill in your cellphone and click “call me now,” & Amazon will call you asking to compute your 4-digit code & once complete, your Associate profile gets ratified.

selected your favored method of remuneration

Opt to input your credit card & ID information immediately or later. Head on to your dashboard.

Generate your Amazon Affiliate Link

Now that your Associate profile creation is complete, you will be rerouted to your Associate home-page. You will see your performance pane (dashboard) displaying your income over-view, per-month summary & total number clicks. The performance pane is where you can research suitable items to link to from your post.

  1. Select either “Rapid links: look for item” or “browse item”
  2. “Rapid links: look for item” lets you look up particular item keywords
  3. “Browse item” lets you look up items through item groups like “Beauty & health,” “Electronics,” & “books”
  4. Once you have a fitting item, click on “Get link”
  5. Personalize your link by opting to add with words or photos, words only, photos, or widget.
  6. Customize background hue, title hue & photo size, depending on whether the link type allows.
  7. Get a pre-view of the link before embedding it on your platform.
  8. Copy & paste the link, short-link or HTML copy & embed it on your platform

Your Associate profile remains ratified for only 180 days. During this period, you are expected to make a minimum of 1 sale otherwise your account will be suspended. You can re-create the program once you have tweaked your platform.

Final word

Amazon Associate is Amazon’s Affiliate marketing initiative that involves generating revenue using item links embedded in blog-posts & website. It’s a great way to monetize your robust traffic into to make an addition income stream. The prospects are high given that Amazon is one of the biggest retailers on earth.

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